A Drizzle of Hot Fudge: 30 Min of Power

Home workouts are great for rainy days here in Colombia! These sets had me pouring sweat instantly (perfect for blending in with rain-drenched people). After finishing, I was a pile of hot fudge on the floor.

Equipment needed for the exercises: timer, medicine ball (or heavy object), mat (or towel), Tabata drill song (Download Here)

30 minute Power (Timed sets)

6 minutes
Reps 12, 10, 8…
Star jumps
Clap push-ups
High knees
Roll back to jump

Related image

10 minutes
Reps 16, 14, 12…(try to finish!)
Jump squats
Mountain climbers
Lunge kicks
Table dips

8 minutes
Reps 12, 10, 8…
3 burpees between each exercise:
Jump lunges
Military push-ups with knee pull
Dive bomber push-ups

Image result for dive bomber push up

Tabata Drill:
Russian twists with medicine ball
Leg lifts

Image result for leg lift ab exercise

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