Crushed Coconut: For the Love of Legs

Another day to crush the legs! Why? Well let’s take a look. As my friend reminded me the other day, ‘strong, athletic legs are super sexy!’ 🙂 Yes, I happen to agree!

Aside from having sexy legs, I love having legs that can jump, climb, hike, run, walk, and play. As a teacher, I’m standing all day. At my school, I’m climbing stairs up and down all day. How do you use your legs everyday?

In just 3 weeks I’ll be doing my next half marathon (WOO!). I’m excited to participate in a race, for all the excitement that comes along with it. I’m also acknowledging and loving myself for not being at the same physical performance level I was at in previous races. This race I will be proud of crossing the finish line in a different country than I’ve ever ran a half before!

Are you a lover of sexy legs? Do you use your legs on a daily basis? Are you training for an upcoming event? This workout is meant to serve all. Make adjustments based on your body’s needs (ie: If 8 minutes feel too long, give yourself a break! If the weight feel too light, pump up the power!).

What do you need?
-1 heavy dumbbell, kettlebell, or med ball
-2 medium dumbbells
-A step, jump box, or stair

Timed set
8 minutes-10, 8, 6…
Goblet squats
Half burpees
Step back lunge to kick (each)

8 minutes-10, 8, 6…
Weighted split squats
Plank jacks
Weighted side lunge
Box jumps

Photo Brent Hofacker

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